Agreement For Contract Teachers

23. Sick leave, the worker is entitled to 12 days of paid sick leave per academic year. The employee must present a medical certificate from a doctor or hospital covering a period of illness/injury. If a doctor`s diagnosis indicates that it is unlikely that the worker will return to his normal duties after 3 months of uninterrupted sick leave, (employer) reserves the right to terminate the contract. In this case, the cost of the ticket for the worker`s initial departure is the responsibility of the employer.24. The worker may not work elsewhere without the permission (of the employer). In this case, the worker (employer) reserves the right to revoke the worker`s legal work permit and residence permit.25. Termination of the contract, neither party can terminate this contract without “ordinary reason”. If dismissal is unavoidable, the worker or employer must inform the other party in writing, indicating the exact reason(s) for the dismissal. If such communication is not accepted or contested, the contract is maintained until arbitration proceedings can be arranged.

If the work is not continued in accordance with this contract or by mutual agreement, the worker`s salary, accommodation, certificate of employment and other legal documents for work and stay at _____ If one of the parties terminates this Agreement after the commencement and before the stated expiration date without “appropriate reason”, it shall impose a penalty of _________27. If the worker wishes to terminate this contract before the expiry of the contract without “ordinary reason”, the worker is liable for his own starting price as well as the above-mentioned penalty.28. If (employers) wish to terminate this contract without “proper cause” before the agreed expiry date, the employer is liable for all wage and compensation arrears due to the worker, as well as the starting price of the worker at departure and the aforementioned contractual penalty.29. Performance management, staff must complete assigned tasks on time and ensure the quality of their work. After 30 days of probation, if the employee violates the rules of the school and (the staff) or in such situations: indecency, absenteeism, instruction after drinking a formal written warning is given within 7 days of the offense. . . .

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