Band Member Agreement Template

My The process may seem a bit boring or complicated, but that doesn`t mean he takes pleasure in playing music together! If all is said and done, your group chord will actually help keep your experience smooth and allow you to focus on the music, instead of thinking about how to handle every little argument. No waiver of performance of any condition or non-performance of any obligation under this Agreement shall be effective unless signed in writing and by the party granting the waiver. Such waiver shall not constitute a waiver of the performance of any other condition or the breach of any other obligation, and no waiver shall constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise specified in writing. How much money, if any, does it owe to a former member of the group? If there is a one-time payment relative to the band`s net asset value at the start time, how is it calculated and what is the payment plan? If there is an ongoing obligation, what is the formula with respect to royalties and other revenues from registrations made while the former member was a member? No amendment to this Agreement shall be effective unless it is signed in writing and signed by all parties. . . .

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