Canada Agreement Climate Change

Support for developing countries: Financial and other assistance to help developing countries implement climate policy is a key issue in multilateral climate negotiations. In 2009, donor countries in developed countries, including Canada, agreed to achieve the shared climate finance goal of mobilizing $100 billion per year from public and private sources by 2020 to support climate action in developing countries. To support the Paris Agreement, Canada pledged 2.65 billion CADO over five years to take ambitious action on climate change in developing countries. Climate finance will remain a key element in promoting new global action on climate change. The Parties will set a new long-term financial target of $US 100 billion per year by 2025. The parties agreed that reduced funding should aim to strike a balance between reduction and adjustment. Under the Paris Agreement, countries agreed to cooperate to step up efforts and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient global economy, including by setting targets (DNNs) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit temperature rise. Adaptation and loss and damage: The Paris Agreement calls on all countries to strengthen cooperation to strengthen adaptation efforts, build resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. It invites all parties to participate in adaptation planning processes and encourages them to submit and regularly update an adaptation communication outlining their priorities, implementation and support needs, plans and actions. Unfortunately, a change of government has changed its perspective. Transparency framework: The Paris Agreement obliges all parties to report and regularly review their greenhouse gas emissions, climate change measures and progress towards their targets. This system of transparency is essential to build trust between countries and promote accountability, as well as to monitor collective progress and collect the data needed to strengthen the global response to climate change. .

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