Commonwealth Members Of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement

Employment can be particularly precarious for departmental public servants, given the uncertainty of the minister`s mandate and the requirements of the role. As Mr. Tiernan said, “The framework for the employment of ministerial officers links the fate of each collaborator to that of his or her minister. Their mandate lasts as long as they are valuable to their minister. [98] In addition, commentators have identified a scapegoat or sacrificing function for departmental officials who may also reduce their jobs:[108]. Agency contracts reviewed: Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Collective Agreement 2007-2010, pp. 29-31,, accessed April 2, 2009; Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Collective Agreement 2007-2010, p. 21-22,, called April 2, 2009; Attorney General`s Office Collective Agreement 2007, pp. 56-58,, called April 2, 2009; Treasury Workplace Agreement 2006-2009, pp. 32-33,, called April 2, 2009; Department of the House of Representatives Employe Collective Convention 2009-10, pp.

49-51,, accessed April 2, 2009; Senate Workers` Collective Agreement Division 2006-2010, pp. 19-21,, called April 2, 2009; Union Parliamentary Services Division Collective Agreement 2008-2011, pp. 46-48,, appeal April 2, 2009.

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