Endeavour Energy Enterprise Agreement

An industry-wide campaign will strengthen the position of members in each company: including Ausgrid, Endeavor Energy, Essential Energy, Transgrid and Evoenergy. Our campaign is led by a steering committee of senior ETU representatives from each company working with ETU officials. The most important thing is that we work together to demand job security across the sector. 5,000 jobs have been cut in five years and further redundancies are planned for some companies. The ETU warned that these reductions were far too deep. Unfortunately, recent power outages, bushfires and extreme weather events have been our point of view. That`s enough! Will you add your vote to our campaign against forced layoffs? Please take 2 minutes to complete this important EBA investigation with your feedback: [2] The applicant applied on July 8, 2011 for the Fair Labour Office (FWA) to resolve a dispute over the proposed policy in accordance with the dispute settlement procedure under the Endeavour Energy Enterprise 2010 Enterprise Agreement (`Enterprise Agreement`). This procedure allows unresolved disputes relating to the relationship between the employer and the worker to be referred to the FWA for conciliation and/or conciliation. xx. The parties disagree on Article 5.10 of the draft procedure, which provides that the applicant may make procedural changes, subject to consultation with workers and advisors prior to implementation. The advisory takers objected and proposed that the procedure be attached to the enterprise agreement. iii.

The energy industry in Australia is already conducting oral fluid testing. In NSW, Ausgrid and Essential Energy are implementing the oral fluid drug and breathalyzer testing program. Delta Energy also offers oral fluid testing in its drug and alcohol testing system. In other countries, major energy companies have implemented or are in the process of implementing drug testing programs for oral fluids [48] The proposed procedure provides for drug or blood alcohol testing “in the event of suspicion, accident or accident”. An individual may be asked to provide a sample for testing, if the person, according to the supervisor: “You are diligent in brushing and rubbing the gums…

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