Labour Agreement En Francais

If you employ an employee for a job in France, you must take into account that French labour law is very different from national law that may apply in other countries. Home / Works / The French Labor Code: the basics of expatriates The legal duration of work in France is set at 35 hours / week full-time. This duration does not constitute either the minimum or the maximum duration of work. There are also part-time contracts. However, according to collective agreements, the weekly working time can last more than 35 hours. The parties have the right to choose the law applicable to this employment contract in the event of the conclusion of an international employment contract (for example, concluded between a British or American company and a French worker). However, the mandatory rules contained in the local labour law of the place where the work is performed (here France) include the law chosen by the parties. If the worker has the right to negotiate contracts, sign contracts and bind the company to French customers, that company has a permanent establishment in France and must therefore pay VAT and corporation tax in France. If the employer does not have a permanent establishment, the social contributions of French employees are paid in a special office near Strasbourg, where the company obtains the number of an employer without becoming a French company or a French permanent establishment. Nor are rights resulting from collective agreements or social plans covered by this fund. . Where the possibility exists, the Commission must use airlines covered by collective labour agreements and which comply with the applicable ILO conventions.


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