Mdhhs Data Use Agreement

Volunteers are also required to click on a box indicating that they agree with the privacy rules. These conditions prohibit the sale of personal data, but allow the company to use the information to communicate with the account user for legal purposes or “to perform data analysis.” The data was destroyed Thursday afternoon, a state spokesman said, hours after the department`s director told lawmakers he wasn`t sure the information was still on the data platform. There was an agreement on the use of data that protected information about those contacted, but the agreement did not cover volunteers who were asked to forward your names, email addresses and phone numbers to NGP Van, Gordon said. There was a volunteer confidentiality agreement that banned some uses of voluntary information, said Gordon, who heads the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. When requests for the contract arrived, HHS employees met with the governor`s communications team to discuss the response, Gordon said. Employees decided to defer the data to Every Action VAN, the non-profit arm of NGP VAN, and contracts with a separate Kolehouse unit called Great Lakes Community Engagement could allay some of the concerns. The state`s director of health, Robert Gordon, told the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic on Thursday morning during a two-hour hearing that “we have requested the destruction of the data and, to my knowledge, a request is coming.” A Democratic data platform deleted all contact information it had for volunteers who had entered their names, emails and phone numbers into its program before the state of Michigan terminated a contract with the company. Gordon had told lawmakers at the hearing that up to 2,000 volunteers had been linked to NGP Van, a democratic data platform, in April, when the state contracted with the company to arrange volunteers to contact people exposed to COVID-19 to slow the spread of the virus. But the assurance was unsuranceful to gop lawmakers. Before the contract was concluded, the volunteers received information about the training with the link to NGP Van.

Political volunteers knew the context of the company and contacted the media, Gordon said. Duggan had been contacted by Kolehouse about a week earlier, on March 19, about Kolehouse`s problems as his staff tried to make job applications, according to emails received by The News.

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