Section 11 Agreement

The partnership agreement contains measures to bring southern Mountain Caribou`s core group back to a self-sustaining level that supports traditional Aboriginal harvesting activities in accordance with Aboriginal rights and the treaty. After decades of dramatic population decline, the central group has now grown to about 230 animals. West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations, in collaboration with the provincial government, led recovery operations for the central group by declaring a voluntary moratorium on caribou hunting, erecting and managing traditional predator control programs, mapping and habitat restoration, and conducting other conservation measures. These actions, along with the predator control program launched in 2015 by the provincial government and other First Nations and collaborators, have recently resulted in an increase in the population of herds in Klinse-Za, Kennedy Siding and Quintet. Based on these successes, the Partnership Agreement contains commitments that the parties will make to support the protection of enriching habitat for caribou, a program for Aboriginal custodians, participates in the common transmission and research of knowledge, and continues to implement existing and new measures for caribou restoration, including maternity pencils. Canada is committed to financially and technically supporting these activities. Where can I get more information and learn more about draft contracts? All comments received will be grouped into a “What We Have Heard” document that will be made available to the public and all contributions will help inform the decisions of all parties on the finalization and signing of agreements. The government also announced its intention to sign the bilateral conservation agreement for South Caribou Mountain (Section 11). The agreement establishes a framework for cooperation between Canada and B.C for cooperation with Aboriginal nations, local governments, industry and communities to develop Caribou management plans for the south of the mountain.

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