Standard Guarantor Agreement

This could be a problem if you come from abroad – for example, if you are an international student. If you don`t get a deposit that lives in Britain, you may be asked to pay more rent in advance. Hello my owner has a new agent and wondered if the guarantor was still former agents, or do I have to find another one because I don`t want to ask the previous guarantor? Thank you If you share the accommodation with other tenants as part of a rental agreement, i.e. a common rent, it is customary that the guarantee applies to the entire rent, not just your share. If your client signs the lease before the warranty contract is concluded, the guarantee contract must be made through a deed. I signed in October 2012 for a period of 6 months to become guarantor, so I think the contract ended in April 2014. However, the tenant went to a monthly agreement with the landlord, who then sells the property, the new landlord has now asked me to say that I am guarantor and asks for rent arrears from me. I have stated that I am no longer the guarantor, but he does not know and continues to ask for payment of impending legal proceedings. I didn`t get the contract, but I was able to get a copy from the tenant, but he didn`t have the warranty agreement. The contract started as the deadline was 6 months until April 2014 and the agent confirmed orally that I would only be required to guarantee for those 6 months. I found that at the end of this period, I had no correspondence from the broker or owner informing me of the termination, or that the contract had been renewed, nor was I informed of the change of ownership.

What is my position on that? I saved the tenant several times as an act of kindness because he is my son, but my circumstances have changed and I am no longer full time and I am no longer able to save him. There are two guys. The first, the guarantee clauses, is in the lease form (with the same contract). In this case, the tenant, landlord and guarantor sign the rental agreement. The other type is a form of guarantee that has a separate contract; almost like another lease, but for the guarantor who sets their obligations. I`m a guarantor and I want you to answer a question for me. The landlord can take money from my account to the tenant without consent and any warning If you do not pay what you owe to your landlord, you can ask your deposit to pay instead. If your deposit does not pay, your landlord can take it to court. If a potential guarantor has no job, no money or assets, it will be extremely difficult for her to cover their tenant`s unpaid costs, so they actually become useless. Personally, I ask Guarantors to be a British owner, because it makes it easier for the owner to recover the funds.

My sister asked me to be guarantor of her new property and although I am a regular income on a monthly basis, I do not own my own house and I have read on many pages that this is a condition that must be met to be a guarantor. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why people who live in Scotland cannot be guarantors of a rental in England? I asked them to send me the original forms that I signed, because after what I read here, I no longer have the legal obligation to be the guarantor because of 1, the increase in rent and 2, the extension of the tenancy? But she said I did not sign up for a firm warrant, I signed for the period of stay.

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