Subway Zombie Agreements

Breakfast also asked for a response from Attorney General Christian Porter: the government is concerned about the reduction in the number of new and renewed company agreements and will invite contributions in response to a discussion paper on the subject in 2020. It is estimated that tens of thousands of employees across the country – in a number of sectors – are employed under these zombie deals, which may exist due to a gap in the labour relations system. She added that many workers with zombie arrangements lack penalty interest and a number of claims like overtime settlements or uniform allowances. Many company agreements entered into during the WorkChoice era preceding the Fair Work Act in 2009 are still circulating, as a legal loophole allows them to be used beyond their expiry date. All company agreements are approved by the Fair Work Commission and can be legally enforced until a party requests termination of the agreement. . Grill`d was attacked late last year after employees spoke out against their low wages. Instead, she called her written agreement in 2017 “part-time” despite her irregular schedules, allowing the company to pay her less. Caitlin Lindon (pictured), 18, started working as a dishwasher at Subway at 16 and earned $9.04 $US on weekends. Franchisees receive regular training and information on their responsibilities as employers, as well as access to work promotion services. A special hotline is also available for restaurant staff to raise concerns.

. “They gave me a contract that described a few things, but everything seemed pretty normal to me because I didn`t know any better,” Lindon told 9News. . When she accepted the job offer, she assumed that her salary was the same as for others who worked for fast food retailers. She believes the multinational sandwich company underpaid her by $13,000 for two years. . The Fair Work Ombudsman hit Subway with a hefty fine last September after finding that Australian franchisees owed US$150,000 in unpaid wages to dozens of employees. .

“Failure to comply with the law leads to enforcement actions, including possible termination of a franchise agreement.” Under the current mark-up salary, introduced in 2010, Ms. Lindon would have received US$21.41 for her position as a 19-year-old casual employee and penalties for work weekends. A former subway sandwich artist has revealed that the fast-food giant took advantage of a legal vacuum to pay her below the price.

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