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The agreement provides for a number of safeguards for personal data when exchanged between police and criminal justice services, including: for all proposed ASA activities (including umbrella agreements, annexes and saas concluded under specialized titles), an interim abstract review is required , which could have a significant impact on the Agency. Agreement between the EU and the United States on protection standards for the transfer of personal data between EU and US law enforcement agencies In October 2015, the European Court of Justice struck down the current framework, the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, in a ruling later known as “Schrems I”. [3] Shortly after this decision, the European Commission and the US government began discussions on a new framework and reached a political agreement on 2 February 2016. [1] The European Commission has published a draft “adequacy decision” in which it stated that the principles are equivalent to the protection of EU law. [5] The EU-US Data Protection Shield was a framework for regulating the transatlantic exchange of personal data for commercial purposes between the European Union and the United States. [1] One of their objectives was to enable US companies to facilitate the receipt of personal data from EU agencies, in accordance with EU data protection legislation, in order to protect EU citizens. [2] The EU-US Data Protection Shield replaced the Safe Harbor International Privacy Principles, which were invalidated by the European Court of Justice in October 2015. [3] The ECJ cancelled the EU-U.S. Data Protection Shield on July 16, 2020 (see legal challenge below). [4] The agreement is complemented by the EU and US law enforcement agencies, as well as by the Member States and the United States. The agreement itself is not a legal instrument for the transfer of personal data to the United States, but it complements the data protection guarantees contained in existing and future data transfers or national provisions that authorize data transfers. The aim is to make the rights of EU citizens compulsory through the agreement, in particular the conditions for transferring personal data to other authorities, retention deadlines and the rights of consultation and rectification of the persons concerned.

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