University Of Toronto Confidentiality Agreement

The CIIP agreement can be used to track who is bound by the agreement. Industrial partners often require certainty that the research team has been informed of the contractual conditions. Whenever a U of T researcher requests funding, they must submit the funding application or agreement on My Research Application (MRA) to obtain institutional support for the initiative. The researcher is committed to ensuring that all members of the research team understand and comply with the obligations related to the project, including those relating to the management of confidential information, publications and intellectual property. All employees and students should ask their guardian if there are any restrictions on information exchange, publication or intellectual property rights related to their research project. Sponsored Research and Collaboration Agreements (SRAs) regulate different research partnerships between the university and external research sponsors. These agreements describe the obligations of the parties, including a description of the project, schedules, financial assistance, eligible expenses and beyond. These agreements formally describe the obligations of each of the parties and generally include the following elements. Contact IPO at an early stage of your negotiations. The IPO sends a standard agreement to the other party and ensures that appropriate contractual terms are negotiated (e.g. B intellectual property rights, publication rights, insurance requirements, etc.).

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for developing the research proposal, budget, timelines and other details regarding the work to be performed. Third parties who wish to obtain a CDA or NDA with the university should contact IPO at and provide the following information. Yes, under the supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI), students can carry out research assignments as part of the project. If necessary, project participants should read the agreement and sign an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property (CIIP). This will allow all participants to know the conditions and obligations of the university within the framework of the SA. The CIIP Agreement is an internal document used to ensure that all participants in the research project are informed of contractual terms or sponsorship policies regarding the use of confidential information and/or intellectual property. It is important that all project participants understand and respect the specific concepts related to a research project, including those relating to the management of confidential information and the use of intellectual property. VPRI staff offer the following assistance in reviewing and negotiating the contract. There are public, private and non-profit organisations that provide research funds to principal investigators (PIs) through legal agreements. In all cases, agreements must be negotiated and executed by the designated staff of the Vice-President`s Department for Research and Innovation (VPRI). At a time of uncertainty and potential for delay/interruption of research programmes, it is important to keep research sponsors informed of the status of supported research initiatives.

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