Vendor Rebate Agreement In D365

Credit rebates help businesses better manage their vendor discount programs by automating the tasks needed to manage, track and claim the rebates provided. The discount agreement also defines how purchases are accumulated. For the cumulative, purchases from a given lender are added up over a period of time and the criteria for discounts or quantities are applied to the sum. This method facilitates compliance with the minimum purchase requirements for each line of the discount agreement. In the Out field, you can specify the basis for calculating discounts. The credit rebate we have put in place is based on a certain creditor and a particular item, so I will place an order for the lender we chose in our credit delivery contract and order the item we chose in our discount agreement. Setting the Manual Bill Reservation option in the Discount Program tab on the Purchase and Purchase Settings page determines whether a credit bill is displayed manually or automatically as part of claims processing. If you set up discounts as I said, system creates four sets of credit discounts individually. In the General tab, in the Computing Date box, select the date used to determine if the purchase is made during the validity of the discount agreement. In the information register, you can see how different quantity levels can be configured to grant different discounts. For example, in the previous figure, the value and value “bis” fields indicate that a product quantity between 10 and 19 units can benefit from a reduction of USD 15 per unit. In the information register, click “Add Order Positions” on the line, then enter the item number of a product eligible for a credit reduction. Enter all the additional line details required.

Once the rebate requests have been processed, you can charge the creditor the amount of the rebate. Select the purchase and purchase > credit rebates > discount requests to open a discount fee. – Conversion the unit of measurement of the reduction position is converted to the control unit or the “capture weight” unit when the weight of the catch is applicable. If the discount agreement indicates that discounts are accumulated per invoice and no authorization is required, no further action is required. The system processed the right to rebate and established a credit invoice that contains a negative value for the amount of the refund. The From value is included, while the “To” value is exclusive. For example, the “Discount” bottom-of-line field is set to the quantity, and you enter 1 in the Value-Value field and 3 in the Line Value field.

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