What Is Evo Agreement

Hi Mike. I fully understand what you are saying. but when an EVO representative knocks on your business, makes false promises and you sign because you believe them. They also took my signed contract and didn`t leave a copy, I asked for a copy and they said they would send me one, which they never did. it is illegal. Thank you We tried EVO Payments and it was a nightmare from the beginning. Nothing was as they had promised. The fees they promised were not what we ended up getting. They made us a reserve account for 3 months – which wasn`t so unreasonable – then they changed it to 6 months (that`s when we started looking for a new trader processor) – and then they said indefinitely with the reserve account. We no longer do business with EVO. They hold $8,700.00 of our money. We tried to contact their customer service, their corporate offices – no one comes back to us.

We literally didn`t do anything wrong except change companies. I have to remind them that they are a PUBLIC COMPANY. They treat us as if it were a private company that wants to deceive small businesses. We just want our money back immediately and we`re done with them. I want someone from their head office to be able to contact us today. We plan to contact the Better Business Bureau, the New York Attorney`s Office and Deutche Bank – with which they do business – and other government agencies. They literally cling to money that does NOT belong to them. The bottom line is that they have caused so many headaches, like savings for the naked whirlwind. If one of your sales reps walks through the doors of your business, send them straight to the door. TERRIBLE! You keep your money in the blink of an eye!!! They never call you, never send you emails, or never warn you. You have now done it twice. The last time it was triggered when I logged to for an event I was doing, EVO was alerted and without notice they were holding funds..


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