Yusa Collective Agreement

The full text of the collective agreements is available here: The Labour Evaluation Committee is tasked by the YUSAPUY committee to participate in the employment evaluation process, including rating positions on joint labour evaluation committees, to ensure that the employment evaluation process is fair to YUSAPUY members. YUSAPUY and YorkU provide training to ensure that committee members are able to apply scoring criteria as described in the York/YusApuY Joint Occupational Assessment Training Manual and in accordance with YUSAPUY collective agreements >>.…/constitution-policy-committee-terms-r…/ >> who sits on the standing committees of YUSAPUY: YUSAPUY has two negotiating committees for the members of Unit 1 and The Second Unit. Bargaining committees are elected by members and are responsible for preparing and opening negotiations with the employer to negotiate the working conditions of the membership, as described in the YUSAPUY collective agreements.…/ The communications committee is made up of four elected members of YUSAPUY and is responsible for maintaining membership through YUSAPUY and work-related developments, both on and off campus. . . . New details about the WORKOUT WITH YUSA program by Kerrianne Brown.

. YusApuY awards four scholarships worth $4 (4) to $500 to qualified YusApuY members. The scholarships were named in honour of former YusApuY members who went to great great pains to support YusApuY where he is today. The deadline expires on December 16, 2020. All YUSAPUY members are invited to participate in the general meeting. Remember your employees to register for the 2020 YUSAPUY General Meeting! The deadline for the meeting is Monday, October 12 at 12:00 p.m. The Decent and Stable Work Campaign is launching an investigation to collect stories about the lived experiences of YUSAPUY members in the workplace, including increased and unbalanced workload, breaks, ongoing/repeated contracts, the effects of COVID-19, conflicts, complaints and various forms of discrimination. Read the backgrounder (PDF) of York University All-Union Pension Group (YUPG) Unit 1 members, 12-2pm… Unit 2 members, 2:30-3:30 p.m. >> Sign up here: The Health and Safety Committee is made up of members of Unit 1 and 2 YUSAPUY, appointed to the Committee by the YUSAPUY Office.

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